MVMHC Youth - "Pasture Pals"

We had about nine youth for our July event. The kids were of all ages. We first learned the body parts of a horse on CHF Classic-the kids had a picture and had to point to the correct body part. They then groomed and rode horses around an obstacle course, then took a small trail ride in the pastures. We then went inside where we had two different games set up that worked on the body parts of a horse. One was on the computer in which we used a promethean program to identify the locations of the body parts of the horse. The second game was a match piece puzzle to the body parts.

Eight youth members

Computer screen of horses

After this, we all had fun playing a game called KaBoom-hince we used CHF KaBoom-the kids showed me where the body parts were on KaBoom and if they received a KaBoom card, they had to go pop a water balloon. We also had a nice hit on Sam (youth director) with water balloons. They had a water obstacle they did in which we are used some of the items from the horse obstacle course. To finish the night off, we concluded with eating nice cold popsicles.

Eight youth members